"Every being on this earth has power as long as they can see it themselves" - Vietnam Jones. ILLUMINOT (Ill-Lum-Mi-NOT), derived from Latin, which means to illuminate those whom are not; while "Clothz" is the urban slang for clothes. Throughout the lifespan of history, 3rd eye vision has awaken so many great historians and leaders by the sigil of truth. It's not even hard to obtain, the only thing you gotta do is activate your spiritual eye and we'll provide you with the uniform while in battle.

    In the #HipHop music culture, fashion has played a major part in today's society. From head to toe, you'll see many people wearing the most trendous t-shirts and kicks but symbols are everything. Most people wear clothes without even knowing the meaning, which a simple design could be against one's faith or morals of being. 

     While traveling through portals and gateways, IllumiNOT stands for "Integrating Life w/ Love Under Monarchic Intelligence Never Opposing Truth". We are proud to be the official clothing line of the Lifeless Immortal Army. Created and founded by the primary engineer of RCC Cut Throat Cartel, 7SG Vietnam Jones. Powered by V Is 4 Vietnam International (VI4V Intl). The location where you can find IllumiNOT Clothz is in Hip Hop Empire. This gear is for the elite minded soldier that stands out from the rest of the world!

    From men's/ women's fashion to the babies, children and pets; we only present the truest messages and logos on our merchandise. We have a empirious selection of Hoodies, Polos, Tank Tops, Activewear and much more. Our hat collection consist of : SnapBacks, Truckrs, Fitted & Ball Caps. Not just what you put on your back or head, but we also do the fashion for ordinary household products (i.e. Serving Trays, Table Cloths, Coffee Mugs, Steins, Aprons, etc.). You know that we got to hook up the people with small luggage so YES, our manufacturers made sure we have Duffels and much more.

   Religion did not exist until the Greeks seen each disciple had their own story to tell after the Moors reigned although the Caves region. For history to be gathered, it took over 2 centuries to retrieve scriptures and frameworks from tablets, pyramids, buried tombs and scared terrorities. In ancient Egypt, civilians worshipped the gods like Ra (Sun) & Osiris... and when their flesh decreed, the followers buried the gods with items that reminded them of that specific god. Pertaining to Egyptian history, the people believed in polytheism (More than 1 god) but not every god was about the greatness of humanity. 

     As you study more, Isis killed Osiris because he was jealous of what he had and then teamed up with Seth ruling the world of the underground and top surface. In some cases, mythical characters may represent a certain individual in the biblical days. The god in Greek mythology is Zeus and his son with great power was Hercules. In Christianity, the name is just God. For Islam, God is translated to Allah, which is broken down is "Arm Leg Leg Arm Head"

     Since Adam bite the apple, the first man had to be a watcher of his own back for the serpents dwells in dark places where us a humans can not adjust quickly by eye. Since Seth (Lucifer, Louie, Satan, Damon, God of Black, etc.) is a shape shifter, he seen that Eve didn't not have the same ordinance w/ God as Adam so he persuaded her to sin first. After the first stone was thrown, the two were kicked out of the garden in the midst of the creatures that the garden protected them from. A King is only as powerful as his queen. Fast forwarding to the flood, Noah was told by G that something bad was going to happen and built an Arch to keep his family and 2 of each species preserved, for the battle in Heaven was occurring. After God casted down Lucifer, his followers were flung down to the core of the Earth. Before reaching their destination, the fallen angels seen earthly women and began to fornicate producing Netherim Giants (Portrayed in Moses' battles). As time went by, those giant has become smaller. Who knows if they still exist in today's age... but the ones that flesh is no longer living's spirits still remains to realm this planet. You can see by analyzing how most mortal beings act. In the new world, 85% or more are monotheism... but everyone do not worship the same, which is quite ironic.

     Most popular high-class fashion lines really do not care for all of their supporters' beliefs, we do... That's what makes IlluminotClothz different. Our mission is to provide the cure for Deaf, Dumb and Blindness. "In a world so big, there is so much to learn... Knowledge is the power that keeps legacy forever mighty".

    IllumiNOT designers actually take time constructing every aspect of each visualization into a masterpiece. The supreme father of the universe created all colors: Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow & Green. Since that was done, we do not discriminate no matter of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, wealth class, higher education and spirituality. We love everything, body and time... PEACE 2 THE MASSES THROUGHOUT ALL 7 SEAS!

     We stand by our word when we say that we really care about our customers and products. There's nothing in this world that's perfect but everyday our imperious staff strive for true perfection. Before choosing the material for our line, we make sure that the quality of the fabric is squared away and just right for the consumers. 

RETAILER'S NOTE: All defected and/or overstocked merchandise are sent to outlet stores from our selected warehouses!

"Symbols are everything but every eye is different."

What's Coming?

What's Coming?

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